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Buy Godavari Power


Now Buy good Fundamental Stocks like GODAVARI POWER & ISPAT LTD at 165/- Quoting BSE, NSE (10/- Face Value).Global Markets is stabilizing. In Indian Equities avialble at good prices. Worst is over. I think FII`s also coming back to Indian Markets to Invest. All Bulls are coming back to Market. Annual Results also coming out in April. Start Buying at low levels Now. Don't panic Sell. Buy good fundamental equities partially daily, You will get 30 to 50% appreciation within 1 to 2 months time. Risk is very very less. My Expactation : 90 % chances Upside only 10% chances Down Side for short term (1 Month).

GODAVARI POWER & ISPAT Ltd, Trading in BSE & NSE at 165/-- in B Group.This is 10/- FaceValue share trading at 165/-. Yearly high 400/- in January 2008 (Before marjet Crash), its come down to 155/- recent low. Now trading at 165/-. Daily grabbing with Mumbai BIG BIG Bulls because of Now stock is available at very very cheep price at 165/- EPS 40+ expecting for 2007 - 2008 Annual finalcial, with PE 4 only. Narmally in worst condition also PE will at 8 for Power and Ferro Alloys. But Now PE is only 4.If you have already this equities buy some more make average. This is company is doing very very good. Slowly grab this stock. Fundamental is very very good. Global cues and Market worst is over. Don't Sell if you have Godavari Power & Ispat equities. Stay Invest and wait up to 250/- minimum.

GODAVARI POWER & ISPAT Ltd at 165/- (Annual EPS is 40+ Expecting) PE only 4. Normally take Power companies High companies PE was 40, Medium companies PE was 15. If we take medium companies PE 15 It will come 600/-. Now markets are week. So If we take PE 6 It will touch 250/- minimum before Annaul Financila Results declaring (One months time). Book Value also good. Good fundamental. Very Very less risk at present rate. Only 10% chances downside, 90% chances Upside for 1 to 2 months time. SO hurry Buy at current level at 165/-. GODAVARI POWER & ISPAT Ltd Equity was 24 Crores. Company Annonced good results last Three quarters (21 Crore, 21 Crores & 24 Crores, Forth Quarter results also coming good with 28 Crores Net Profit. , the company expects to achieve a PAT of Rs 96 Crores for FY08 So Annual EPS is coming 40/- + Promoters Share Holding 64%, Forign Holding 5%, Financial Institutions 11%, CorporateBodies 6%, Public only 14%.HDFC Children Gifts - Investment Plan - Growth --- 3.37% ABN AMRO Future Leaders Fund - Growth --- 2.45% ABN AMRO Future Leaders Fund - Growth --- 2.45%DSP ML Micro-Cap Fund - Growth --- 1.83%The business model of Godavari Power & Ispat Ltd (GPIL) is on strong footing and is on way strong growth path. It is carving great value creation and hiddenvalue shall unfold with the passage of time to investor\\`s delight.This is a jewel stock which value investors must keep onaccumulating on decline. The more declines more buy shall be thebest investment strategy. Just look into recent announcements thatthe company has made which shall result into mind blowing wealthcreation:

The Company has allotted 10,00,000 warrants convertible into equityto M/s.Hira Industries Limited (Promoter group) at a price ofRs.324/- per warrant which will be converted into one equity shareof Rs. 10/- each fully paid at a premium of Rs 314/- per share.During the current meltdown, this stock is available in the marketat throwaway mouth watering price of Rs.165 per share which meansinvestors are getting stock at 70% discount from promoter\\`s price.
India success story is here to stay for next decade and shall bemost favored economy of the world and stocks like GPIL shall go longway in wealth creation and shall deliver mind blowing returns to theinvestors and shareholders. By buying this stock, investors shallcry with happiness:

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