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Dear ALL, Now Buy good Fundamental Stocks like BHAGYANAGAR INDIA LTD at Rs.39.5/- Quoting BSE, NSE .

Global Markets is stabilizing. In Indian Equities avialble at good prices. Worst is over. I think April onwards FII`s also coming back to Indian Markets to Invest. All Bulls are coming back to Market this month. Annual Results also coming out in April. Start Buying at low levels Now. Don't panic Sell. Buy good fundamental equities partially daily, You will get 30 to 50% appreciation within 1 to 2 months time. Risk is very very less. My Expactation : 90 % chances Upside only 10% chances Down Side for short term (1 Month).

Bhagyanagar India Ltd, Trading in BSE & NSE at 40/- in B Group.Yearly High 83/-. After Market Crashed. Now its trading at 40/-. Daily grabbing with Mumbai BIG BIG Bulls because of Now stock is available at very very cheep price at 40/-. Company having lot of land in Hyderabad central. Only Land value per share is 75/-. And Expecting good Annual finalcial, 8/- At current rate PE 5only. Narmally in worst condition also PE will at 8. But Now PE is only 5. If you take PE 8 It will go 65/- minimum before declaring Annual results. (1 Month Time). So Share valuation was 75/- + 65/- = 140/-.

If you have already, buy some more make average. This is company is doing very very good. Slowly grab this stock. Fundamental is very very good. Global cues and Market worst is over. Don't Sell if you have Bhagyanagar India equities. Stay Invest and wait up to 65/- minimum for short period (1 month time).

Company Planning to Demerging of Infrastructure Bussiness. After demerger of this share you will get shares of free of cost because Now current rate was very very less compared to Annual results and Land Bank.

And Bhagyanagar India Ltd has allotted 40,00,000 Equity Share Warrants at a price of Rs 90/- per share warrant convertible into Equity Shares on a Preferential Basis to M/s. Consolidated Securities Ltd.

Compared to that (Rs.90/-) Now shares available 55% discount. Any time it will touch 90/- (1 to 6 months time). So double your money within 6 months time.

So there is no risk at all.

Company doing Cable & Real Estate.Share Equity Rs. 14 Crs. EPS 8/- Annulised. Good Fundamentals.

Karvy Estimate Annaul EPS for 2008-2009 is 15/-.Promoter Shares Holding 55%. FII's 15% Corporate Bodies & NRI's 13%Public Only 17%. Check the BSEINDIA for Shareholding pattern.Karvy has Strongly recommending for this stock

Recently Bhagyanagar India formed a joint venture company named `Surana Ventures` for setting up of solar photo voltaic cell and module project in partnership with its promoters and a group company named Surana Telecom. The JV plans to manufacture and sell the equipment required for generating solar energy. It will be an 80% export-oriented unit with substantial tax-benefits.Bhagyanagar India and Surana Telecom will hold 40% each in the Rs 3 bn project with the remaining 20% being held by the core promoters of the company".

Company Planning to Demerging of Infrastructure Bussiness.Bhagyanagar India Ltd. is a Hyderabad based company which has forayed into real estate and infrastructure development to unlock the value of its existing land bank of 3 million square feet. The new development projects include integrated residential townships, IT parks, and hardware parks. The present value of the undeveloped land bank and tenanted property of the company is Rs 6,160 mn. The one million square feet technology park in Uppal is the likely to complete in 15 to 18 months. “Early next year we would have launched our housing project in Vizag in 52 acres, with 1.2 million sq ft.” The revenues are likely to increase to Rs 3,591 mn in FY08 and Rs 5,021 mn in FY09 and the net profits likely to grow at a CAGR of 53.34% to Rs 936 mn by FY09. The company is valued at Rs 65 a share with an upside of 57% from the current stock price of around Rs 40. “For the next 4-5 years we see the company grow at 40 to 50 percent and expect 150 crores in infrastructure sales next year, said Narendra Surana, MD, Bhagyanagar India. Outright sale of small parcels and development of residential townships, IT parks and hardware parks on the larger land parcels is the route that works best in Hyderabad, for the company. It plans to sell the residential constructions and retain portions of commercial properties for the reason of higher rental yield on the latter. Over 6 Mn Sqft of net saleable area is likely to be developed over the next five years. A tourism project representing miniature monuments in India, a multiproduct SEZ and a resort complex are at different stages of finalization. Bhagyanagar India has shown good Q4 Fy 07 results due to extensive real estate and infrastructure sales. The topline showed a YoY growth of 66.7 per cent and a QoQ growth of 90.02 per cent. The company showed operating margins of 62.97 per cent as against 20 â€" 25 per cent in the previous quarters. Consequently the net profit jumped to Rs 487.86 mn, showing a YoY growth of 442.19 per cent and a QoQ growth of 609.31per cent in Q4 FY07. On a consolidated basis, BIL showed a YoY growth of 35.96 per cent in the net sales in FY2007. The bottom line showed a YoY growth of nearly 170 percent. The real estate and infrastructure division showed an impressive YoY growth of 452.68 per cent in its topline in FY2007. As the real estate and infrastructure division accounting for over 58 per cent of the company’s top line in Q4 FY07, it will remain the key area of focus. On a consolidated level, the division contributed 28 percent to the topline and nearly 76 per cent to the PBIT of the company in FY2007. The company is also keen on selling some of its unused land bank for which it is getting handsome price and subsequently investing the amount in development projects. Estimated EPS for 2007 -8 year was 8/- (Annualised).Company Proposed EPS for 2008-09 is 15/-

Karvy has recommending heavily for this stock.& other brokerages also acquiring this stock.Lot of Accumulating is going on last 3 days. All of above good news current price (40/-) is very very cheep.

See BHAGYANAGAR INIDA EQUITY Valuation per Share : 75/- Land Value per share + 65/- original value as per financial results (Consider 8 EPS annulised and 8 PE) = 140/-. Based on this validation only Bhagyanagar India Ltd has allotted 40,00,000 Equity Share Warrants at a price of Rs 90/- per share warrant convertible into Equity Shares on a Preferential Basis to M/s. Consolidated Securities Ltd.

Market is down that why now its available 40/-. Any time it will reach 95/-
So Total Value of this company Share value was Rs.140/-. Just Imagine company share price where to going in this year…

Enter current price at 40/-/- Target 65/-, 95/- , 140/- .
Just invest and get 50 to 200% profit within 2months time. Happy Investing... I will mail Next week with one more Recommedation.



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