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High risk high return scrips

Sreenath Raghav

DGP Securities (509695) (Rs 367) :- High risk investors should consider taking exposure to the scrip of DGP Securities. According to some market rumors, the scrip is expected to witness a great deal of buying from high networth individuals (HNI). One of the leading broking firms has been recommeding this scrip to their HNI clients. With good amount of buying expected the scrrp is expected to move upwards.

Hydro S&S Ind. (524019) (Rs 55) :- Hydro S&S Industries manufactures and supplies plastic products. According to news given by some market khabri, the company is covered by a small brokerage house, due to which it is expected to appreciate by 15- 20 per cent on the bourses. Investors with high riskppetite may consider this crip.

ANG Auto (530721), (Rs. 100) :- ANG Auto stocks have fallen significantly in the recent market crash. However, according to some market rumours, the AGN Auto management may possibly go for a buy-back in the coming months. If it does happen, this will surely help the scrip to rise amply. If you are an investor with luck on your side, you should seriously consider this Scrip.

Simplex Projects (532877) (Rs 332) :- Simplex Projects is likely to have a positive outlook owing to boom in the infrastructure sector. According to reports collected from some internal sources of the company it is learnt that Simplex Projects is likely to increase its margins in the coming months. This will certainly add significant
value and offer better prospects to the company. Investors who want to take advantage of this hot sector should see this opportunity to make money.

JP Associate (532532) (Rs 219.10) :- JP Associate has seen enough correction in the past few weeks and is deeply oversold close to the long-term supports. An investment buy is advised for the counter as a sizeable rebound is expected because of Jaiprakash replacing Bajaj Auto in the Sensex companies. Due to this big move technical experts expect the scrip to appreciate by 15- 20 per cent from the curren level in the coming days Investors can look at this counter for making a decent gain.

Borosil Glass Works (502219) (Rs 681) :- Borosil Glass is likely to see some action in the coming days because according to some rumour in the market the company is likely to go for some private placement of its equity. Sniffing the opportunity some FIIs are already coming forward to participate. If this development turns out to be true expect the scrip to gain momentum and see it rising on the bourses. Investors should consider this counter and take advantage of the current development of events.

Unitech (507878) (Rs 265.95) :- Unitech is in the areas of construction of industrial projects and execution of housing projects and export orders. The technical call is given for the stock as it is likely to witness 15 to 20 per cent correction within the next couple of weeks as a breakdown from reversal pattern has been spotted on daily chart on above average volumes.

Escorts (500495) (Rs 91.75) :- Escorts Construction Equipment, India's leading multi product construction equipment manufacturer from the Escorts Group is in the news. It is rumoured tha that company is expected to raise funds by selling its stake for further expansion. The institutional investors likely to buy stake in the company will hold substantial stake. If this turns out to be real, Escorts will certainly touch the charts. Investors with risk appetite can look forward to invest in this scrip.

Courtesy : Smart Investments

Sreenath Raghav

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